Minnesota Truck Headquarters is a family owned and operated dealership, that has been in the auto business for 10+ years.

April 2nd of 2004, was the first day we opened our doors to the public. When we first started out, we only sold trailers. At the time, small cargo, medium sized single car, large 3-4 car haulers, and enclosed trailers was the name of the game. Business was good, but we always knew that there was something more just around the corner. One summer day, a customer of ours was in the market for a new single car hauler. He asked us if we ever took automobiles in on trade-in. We had never sold an automobile on the lot before and thought what do we have to lose? Our first investment toward automobiles was a traded in 1989 Honda CRX Hatchback. We took a shoe marker, put a price on the window, and sold that little Honda on the same day! That is when we decided to start selling used vehicles. Our lot had 15 vehicles, all $3,000 and under. The company's founder worked two full time jobs to get the dealership started, and to make ends meet. To begin, we had less than $50,000 in inventory.

Automobiles have been in our family's blood going back four generations.

The founder, and his two sons have always had a passion for automobiles. We became a wholesale dealership in 2006, and wholesaling over 100 vehicles a month and retailing all of our vehicles on the lot at wholesale prices. We started stocking a little bit of everything ranging from cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. We also started selling heavy duty commercial equipment on eBay. We were always trying to find our niche.

In 2013, we needed to expand our current service department. When the building adjacent from the St. Cloud location became available, we jumped on the opportunity right away. Now having another location, the St. Cloud Service Facility, we were able to convert the former service facility at the St. Cloud Sales location into the Custom Trucks Shop where we customize the trucks we sell with lift kits, big tires, big rims, performance goodies, paintwork and much more!

In 2014, changes started happening within the company yet again. For over a year, we were selling a lot of trucks out of the St. Cloud location, and we were really beginning to find our niche. We dedicated the St. Cloud location to diesel trucks.

Today, we stock over 200 trucks on both lots at all times, and we are outgrowing both locations yet again! We plan on moving into one mega location with everything under one roof within the next year, to continue growing our company. The new location will hold up to 500 trucks for our full inventory.